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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

"Singer/songwriter Cathy Johnson releases new single, where hope is the goal and music is the medium"

"Cathy Johnson is an Indian-born, California-raised singer/songwriter with a passion for bringing authenticity through the versatility of music and lyrics. Her unique upbringing allowed her to experience life and creative expression in different cultures, where she witnessed stories from around the world that shaped her thinking and in turn shaped the way she writes and makes music. Cathy grew up listening to all kinds of genres from punk rock to R&B, and it shows in her creative process - that everyone can find a little something that speaks to them. Now, Cathy draws on her experience as a counsellor whilst songwriting and found that her practice in that field showed her the reality of mental health struggles in everyday life. Cathy has always been passionate about mental health issues and now believes in the power of music to help bring healing, after seeing it first hand."

"‘Be My Home’ is a powerful rock song, with a contemplative message and alternative tone. With this song, Cathy wanted her lyrics to express how a home can be a difficult word to define depending on our experiences of it growing up. Cathy explains:

“As Christians, we are promised a true sense of 'home' and belonging in Christ, and yet we can still ache and compare our sense of belonging with others. This song is really a desperate cry for help - that amidst the chaos and uncertainty of circumstances, we still long for faith over fear.”

This track is stylistically unique with influences of Metal from her husband (Avinash Joseph) giving a rock edge, and it being a truly collaborative effort with Avinash creating the melody before Cathy added the lyrics."

"2021 is set to be a fantastic year for Cathy, with several more tracks in the pipeline, each reflecting the mental journey of pursuing your passion."

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