Learning that hope is the goal, music is the medium

Updated: May 5, 2021

If you asked me even a few months ago if I could see myself doing this - the answer would be a resounding, "Absolutely NOT!" One of the most difficult challenges that I've had to negotiate (and am still negotiating) is trying to stay in a healthy space that lies between self-promotion and false humility. Creating a website and putting my music out there would have fallen dangerously into the 'self-promotion' category for me if I had not realized that I was pendulum-swinging to the other, yet equally dangerous, category of 'false humility'.

I realize now that music is meant to be shared. It makes songwriting incomparably meaningful - to hear how it has touched another soul. Whether that is 1 soul, or 1 million is irrelevant.

As a musician new to the scene, pride and comparison are two of my biggest enemies (surprise, surprise) and it takes daily repentance and reconciliation with God to stay true to the path He has called me to. And that path is not fame, fortune or accolades (although in creative expression it's sometimes hard to see that); it is, for me, co-creating with the Ultimate Creator, pointing the listener to Hope. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not the goal, but merely the medium.

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